Vendor Application Requirements
  1. Proof of General Liability Insurance
  2. Completed W-9 Form as required by the IRS
  3. Completed Vendor/Contractor Direct Deposit Form
  4. If you have employees you must provide proof of workers compensation insurance naming Vue Rental Properties as Certificate Holder.
  5. Copy of a valid Contractor license if it applies to your trade or if your company is legally obligated to carry one for your trade in your geographic area.
Vendor Application Expectations
  1. Provide, in a professional manner, only those services you are qualified and licensed to perform.
  2. Provide all goods and services in a timely manner.
  3. Treat all company representatives, owners, and tenants in a courteous and respectful manner.
  4. Communicate job statuses with company representatives in a timely manner.
  5. Provide professional and detailed invoices and estimates.
Vendor Application Form

To be considered, please submit a vendor application form.

Important Information
  1. Services provided are frequently inspected for quality. Property owners and tenants will be surveyed for satisfaction with your goods and/or services.
  2. Services may be suspended, terminated, or no longer considered for future retention if any deficiencies or complaints are noted.
  3. All invoices should be email to for payment.
  4. Review Vendor FAQs for commonly asked questions or contact our Property Management Coordinator at
    920-944-3515 x 2486.
How to find us 

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